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LGD 3303 / 3033 SARM - 20MG/ML - 30ML BOTTLE

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LGD-3303: A Very Promising SARM That Is Still In Its Development Stage

LGD-3303 is a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) that comes with impeccable oral bioavailability. The drug is categorized as a selective agonist designed for the androgen receptor. LGD-3303 has both anabolic and androgenic effects and at the moment the drug is being researched as a possible solution to treat osteoporosis.

This is a condition that leads to increased bone weakness in humans. LGD-3303 is one of the most potent SARMs out there and for many bodybuilders who want to bulk muscle, LGD-3303 stacked with other equally effective SARMs can offer the ultimate combination.


LGD-3303 is currently being developed and researched by Lingad Pharmaceuticals. The chemical structure of the drug closely reassembles that of LGD-4033 which is also another SARM that has since been developed by the same company. However, LGD-3303 is still not available on the market the same way LGD-4033 is.

Trials that have been done so far on LGD-3303 show that it has the potential to significantly increase muscle mass and prevent muscle wasting. Although it can be argued that other SARMs can achieve the same thing, it is clear that LGD-3303 is a little bit more effective albeit it’s still in the development phase.

LGD-3303 is a non-steroidal orally active SARM and while its effect in helping with muscle mass and increased androgenic action is huge, its effect on androgenic organs in the body in the tests subjects was very small.

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LGD-3033: How it Works

LGD-3303 has been developed to help address a wide range of conditions. However, the most important is its ability to maintain the beneficial effects of androgens in improving muscle mass and bone density without side effects. Although the selective mechanism of LGD-3303 and other SARMs is not yet clearly understood even with ongoing research, it is clearly a big leap from the usual anabolic steroids. Once LGD-3303 is injected into the body or taken orally, it will trigger androgenic action on a cellular level.

However, it should be remembered that the human body contains millions of cells and a substance that triggers androgenic effects in each of these cells would have devastating side effects. That is why LGD-3303 is termed as selective. Instead of triggering androgenic action in all cells, it will only target muscle tissue and skeletal cells.

This is the main reason why LGD-3303 has been used as a supplement in bodybuilding and also as a possible treatment for people who have issues with bone density. LGD-3303 could also have other positive benefits. However, because the drug is still under research, these potential benefits are not yet clear.



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