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S.A.R.M.S. for sale

We have a great variety of S.A.R.M.S. for sale available at our S.A.R.M.S. store. In this article we’ll talk about a few of the different ones we have available for purchase. We’ll cover MK-2866 and LGD-4033. We’ll discuss what the difference is and how to dose each one. Once you have a good understanding of our products, you can go and check out our store to get started. If you want the best supplement store online that has S.A.R.M.S. for sale, you’ve come to the right place.


This is one of the most popular versions of S.A.R.M.S. we have. One of the big selling points for this is that it’s one of the most studied version of S.A.R.M.S.. The results have shown some incredible results. Not only does it show that it is very effective at building muscle, but it has shown no meaningful side effects. The study that was done showed that elderly men and women who took in a modest dose of mk-2866 (also known as Ostarine) grew 3 pounds of muscle in 12 weeks. They also lost about a pound of fat. All of this with no changes to diet or exercise. Try it for your studies today, we’re the best supplement store with S.A.R.M.S. for sale online.

How much to dose with MK-2866

Since S.A.R.M.S. is a fairly new thing on the market, not much has been studied on the right amount. That is recommended is what has been done during the studies, which is a very conservative amount. With MK-2866 the reported results was with 15-20mg a day for 4 weeks. Time of the day does not seem to really matter. It’s best to use this with regular exercise like lifting and HIIT. Another thing to keep in mind is to take 4 weeks off before starting another 4 weeks of use. Whenever you need an online supplement store with S.A.R.M.S. for sale remember Supplementor can be there to provide it for you.


LGD-4033 is another version of S.A.R.M.S. available on the market. We want to make sure you have options when you’re looking for S.A.R.M.S. for sale online. LGD-4033 is also known as Ligandrol or Anabolicum. This one has had a good amount of human trials done with very incredible results. The studies have shown that healthy men who took it for 21 days saw a significant increase in lean body mass. They’ve only ran into one short-term side effect of testosterone suppression. In another study they’ve found that the participants had taken 22 mg a day with 0 side effects. Rats have also been used in the studies. They’ve found that they increased bone density, muscle mass, and sex drive. All of this with no damage to their prostate or liver tissue. To use this for your studies then you’ve found the best supplement store online with S.A.R.M.S. for sale.

How to dose LGD-4033

The best option for dosing LGD-4033 is to use what they have been using in the successful studies. They have reported some amazing success with 2-5 mg a day. All in a single dose. Continue this for about 4 weeks. Going any higher than that shows that men begin to put on more muscle but their testosterone dips. Some have taken up to 15 mg per day for much longer periods of time. However this is extremely risky. Once you finish a 4 month run, it’s best to take off about a month before starting another cycle of doses. Now that you have a better understanding of each of these type of S.A.R.M.S. you can make a decision at our S.A.R.M.S. for sale store today.

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