SARMS versus Steroids

SARMs and Steroids are both muscle enhancers that are widely discussed amongst people looking to improve their bodies and health professionals. There are a few key differences between these two products that distinguish SARMs from Steroids, making it the a more safe and legal option.

Supplementor Infographic - SARMs vs SteroidsHow are SARMS and Steroid Similar?

SARMs and Steroids are used primarily by bodybuilders to increase muscle growth. They are both effective in building muscle, promoting bone health and enhancing libido. They are generally used in conjunction with a work out regimen that will drastically increase a person’s strength and muscles more than is possible with strictly working out.

How are SARMS and Steroids Different?

Steroids, although beneficial for muscle growth, have been known to have serious side effects as they  attack your liver, prostate, heart, and sex organs. In addition, steroids can effect your voice depth, body hair growth, breast size, and cause acne.

On the other hand, SARMs, although they produce similar results, have very minimal side effects compared to steroids. These side effects can also be minimized by following the appropriate guidelines and by monitoring your use.

Steroids must be administered by injection, while SARMs are administered orally.

Steroids, although extremely effective at binding to androgen receptors, they are unable to select which androgen receptors to bind to. This results in adversely effects to heart muscles, blood vessels and other areas of the body. SARMs, however, is able to selectively choose which androgen receptors to bind to. This benefit allows the body to increase strength and muscle development while avoiding the heart muscles, blood vessels and other areas of the body.  

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